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Arab Sourcing Agent is your reliable and professional choice for sourcing goods from China. With our vast experience, we assist countless buyers worldwide in importing various products. We specialize in sourcing computer laptops, smartphones, electronics, industrial machines, automation solutions, OEM parts, furniture, textiles, apparel, makeup, sports equipment, Lamzac products, jerseys, shoes, jewelry, gifts, stationary, and office wholesale items directly from manufacturing factories.

With branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Foshan, we provide international sourcing services that cover everything from purchasing products in China to shipping them to destinations such as Amazon warehouses across the globe. Our goal is to save you time, cut costs, and minimize the risks often associated with importing from wholesale suppliers in China.

Whether you are interested in buying wholesale from China, sourcing products directly from suppliers, or working with China manufacturers, simply let us know what you are looking for, and we will provide you with the best-price quotation within 2 days.

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Looking for Purchasing Agent in China. Read What Our Partners Say

“I have experimented with numerous China sourcing agents in the past. Despite having 7 years of experience in importing from China, I ultimately switched to Arabsourcing for managing my entire supply chain in China. They have been instrumental in saving me considerable time and costs. Their communication and support are excellent. Many thanks to Arabsourcing!

Sincerely, Mohamed from the UAE”

Items Catalog of Best Products to Import From China

We have handpicked a selection of popular products from trusted wholesale manufacturers in China who are looking for distributors. These products come with highly competitive prices. Here, you can find items that have the potential to boost your business with a China sourcing agent.

If you are interested in purchasing products from China, simply send us an email to inquire about specific product details or prices. Please include the product SKU and any questions you may have.

Agriculture Food        

Apparel Textiles Accessories

Home Decoration Furnitures

Bags Shoes Accessories

Electrical Equipments


Gifts Toys

Health Beauty

Auto Vehicles

Industrial Parts Tools

Auto Production Machines

Large Production Lines

How to Find A Good Supplier in China with Sourcing Agent

If you’re interested in purchasing from wholesale suppliers in China, there is a significant learning curve involved. Buying directly from these suppliers without the proper knowledge can result in a loss of control and numerous trial and error attempts. Even minor misunderstandings can lead to excessive costs such as re-tooling expenses, missed production or transportation deadlines, custom costs, delays, and in severe cases, product recalls.

To simplify the process, we, as a China Sourcing Agent, are well-versed in finding reliable Chinese wholesale suppliers. We always strive to ensure that you obtain the most competitive prices and the highest quality products. By relying on our expertise, you’ll be in a better position compared to searching for suppliers on platforms like Alibaba, Dhgate, Chinabrands, or even Google on your own.

Additionally, we can assist you in finding manufacturers in China as well. Once you contact us with your product requirements, we will assign a professional customer representative to support you throughout the entire sourcing and shipping process.

In order to help you establish your own brand, we offer comprehensive packaging solutions that allow you to personalize your product labels. This not only differentiates your product from competitors but also increases its appeal to customers. By creating well-designed customized packaging, you can sell your product at higher prices and maximize your profits.

Ensuring quality is a priority for us, which is why we inspect all of your products before they are shipped. In the event of any quality issues, we will negotiate with suppliers on your behalf and rectify the problems before the products leave China.

When it comes to importing your products from China, we take care of arranging the shipping process at a low cost. This includes delivering your products from China to Amazon warehouses. Furthermore, we affix FNSKU and shipping labels, which are necessary requirements for Amazon.

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How to Buy Wholesale From China, Our Sourcing Service Progress

Step 1


Once you have submitted your quotation inquiry, a dedicated customer representative will be assigned to support you in finding suitable suppliers and delivering a quote within 2 working days.
Step 2

Find A Manufacturer in China

Being located in China, we have extensive knowledge of numerous manufacturers specializing in various products. Our primary goal is to guarantee you both the best possible quality products and the most competitive prices.
Step 3

Branding Your Product

Our comprehensive packaging solutions enable you to personalize your product labels, empowering you to establish a unique brand identity. By creating customized packaging that is well-designed, it sets your product apart from competitors and makes it more enticing to customers. This ultimately enables you to sell your product at higher prices and boost profits.
Step 4


After you have placed your order, we provide comprehensive packaging options to tailor your product according to your preferences. Our role includes facilitating communication and collaboration between you and the supplier to ensure seamless production.
Step 5

Product Quality Inspection

Our team conducts thorough inspections of all your products in accordance with the AQL standard prior to shipping. In the event of any quality concerns, we take the initiative to engage with suppliers on your behalf, ensuring that any problems are resolved before the products are shipped out of China.
Step 6


Once we have inspected the product, we will organize the shipping process from China to your desired location. You have the flexibility to choose between sea freight, airfreight, or air express as your shipping options.

Moreover, we offer assistance in shipping your products from Vietnam directly to Amazon warehouses, ensuring a cost-effective solution for you. To meet Amazon’s requirements, we will also attach the necessary FNSKU and shipping labels to your products.

China Sourcing Agent Fee Structure

Our team is dedicated to helping you find wholesale suppliers in China at no cost to you. There is no upfront fee required to begin using our service.

Once you’re satisfied with our quote and decide to place a product order through us, a service fee of 5-10% based on the product value will be applied. This fee allows us to assist you in coordinating with the suppliers for product customization, packaging, production follow-up, quality inspection, and shipping arrangements.

Please note that our minimum order requirement is $1,000 per item, which is also the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) set by most manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in China. Starting at $200, the service charge is designed to be affordable for small businesses, and it offers more value compared to hiring a third-party inspection company.

The payment breakdown is as follows: Product Amount + Service Charge (based on the product amount) + Shipping Fee.

As a bonus, all clients have access to our warehouse in Shenzhen, China, free of charge for 20 days. This allows you to take your time and add more products to your shipment, thus reducing the service rate.

China Sourcing Agent Support Sourcing Products For Amazon FBA

How to source products for Amazon FBA.

Looking for products to sell on Amazon FBA? Look no further! With our extensive experience in supporting e-commerce sellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay, we can assist you in finding the perfect product niche or sourcing new products to enhance your business sales.

Our comprehensive service includes a wide range of wholesale sources specifically curated for Amazon Sellers. Not only do we provide customized packaging and Amazon labeling, but we also handle the entire FBA shipping process, ensuring that your products are taken care of from the suppliers to the Amazon warehouse.

By entrusting us with the sourcing and logistics aspects, you can concentrate on growing your business while our dedicated team ensures a seamless journey for your products.

Why You Should Choose Arab Sourcing Agent As Your Business Partner

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If you are going to buy wholesale from china, Tell us what you’re after, and you‘ll receive our best-price quotation within 2 days.

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